Jennifer Tromans

I am a photographer. Not your typical Mom! I'm a Trekkie, a Scaper, a Browncoat, a Roswellian and a Democrat #TheResistance United We Stand Divided We Fall

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RT @clafrisa: @insideFPL thank you but Miami Fl 33137 still no power, no ice around please we're melting! #IrmaRecovery https://t.co/IhVfqg… [View]
RT @nashhoove: Really feeling the love here. What's next? Tax rebates for Tornadoes?#IrmaRecovery https://t.co/mgfveipW7F [View]
RT @LFreenor: #IrmaRecovery for the people complaining about being " hot " with no power...people died and homes destroyed. You're fine, ju… [View]
RT @Hobie_SHRED: 6 days of no aid and looting yet Trump admin pressers always claim how great they are at responding. #IrmaRecovery https… [View]
RT @CdnAgainstTrump: @realDonaldTrump Something tells me that you didn't pass your courses in Finance adminstration #ignorant #IrmaRecovery… [View]
RT @exoticgamora: #IrmaRecovery Have power & water but rising floods fill roads in my neighborhood. Looks like little rivers. 1/2 family s… [View]
RT @JoshCox69: #RaiseAct just like their bullshit "healthcare" plan to kill off sick and poor people we will be in the streets for this..… [View]
RT @AFLCIO: Starving so you can afford your medicine is the @GOP version of #SkinnyRepeal. Don't fall for it. Call to hold them accountabl… [View]
RT @maxpick: #AfterTrumpLeavesOffice he can go rescue Chris Christie https://t.co/RTkDG2Qhek